New Intubation Product

Airon Corporation announces the release of the Duoscope and Onescope Disposable Laryngoscopes, the next generation laryngoscopes for EMS, military operations and multiple hospital settings including: emergency department, post anesthesia, and intensive care.  The Duoscope is an innovative double blade laryngoscope with 2 different size intubation blades.  The Onescope is a standard single blade laryngoscope.

The Duoscope is truly unique.  It’s functional design facilitates immediate accessibility and instantaneous response in emergency situations.  When opened the user has 2 different intubation blades to use.  One blade functions as the handle while the other blade is inserted for cord visualization.  The Duoscope comes in three different configurations, providing a combination of 4 different blade sizes.

The Onescope looks like a standard laryngoscope with a single blade.  However, the handle is hollow making it a very lightweight and easy to use laryngoscope.

Both laryngoscopes use a Super Bright Pure White Water Clear LED that will operate for up to 24 hours.  The laryngoscopes meet the ISO standard for blade structural integrity: tested with an applied load of 40 kg force, there was no breakage for the full range of the blade.



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New CPAP Product Release

The reliable MACS CPAP System has been upgraded for hospital use. Our customers have been asking us to add full oxygen range and patient alarms to the MACS CPAP System. It’s now ready for action! Named the MACS epic, this new CPAP system is perfectly suited for use in the Emergency Room, Post-anesthesia Recovery and Critical Care.

Built into the new MACS epic is the same low work of breathing, demand flow critical care CPAP system associated with all Airon’s pNeuton ventilators. In addition, we have added a high capacity oxygen blending system so you can set any oxygen level desired from 21 to 100%. Alarms are built in for patient disconnect and low gas supply conditions when using tanks. There is even an output to connect to a remote alarm.

MACS epic enhances patient care and staff efficiency delivering:

• CPAP with patient monitoring

• Oxygen control 21 – 100%

• Alarms to ensure patient safety

The MACS epic transport capabilities make it truly unique, convenient and easy-to-use to maintain CPAP during patient transport. As with our other products, the MACS epic is fully pneumatic. There are no electronics or batteries to create problems during transport. For clinical application, simply supply compressed air / oxygen and it operates. To have truly portable CPAP; a switch on the front panel (Gas Input) allows the clinician to select the type of gas supply used during transport.

• If you want to just use an oxygen tank, you can deliver 65% for the transport.

• If you want to deliver a specific oxygen level other than 65%, simply use both air and oxygen tanks.

Either way you get high performance CPAP with patient alarms during the transport.

The new MACS epic, a revolution in hospital critical care CPAP.

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MACS epic CPAP System Released for Global Distribution

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Duoscope and Onescope Released for USA Distribution

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Airon is awarded the 2012 EMSWORLD  Innovation Award for the pNeuton mini

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Airon is pleased to announce the FDA clearance of the mini

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FREE Webcast:  CPAP in EMS:  The Standard of Care Argument

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Pennsylvania Rescue Squad receives FEMA ‘Assistance to Firefighters’ grant to purchase Airon ventilators

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Airon receives 2011 Florida Companies to Watch Award

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CPAP webcast – Archived from November 30, 2010

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